Make the Promise

Make the Promise

I’m done with that morning-after-snot-ball-in-my-mouth-stank-a**-hair-big-fat-headach-y feeling I have after a night bumming smokes from my friends. I’m done with my gf/bf refusing to kiss me because my terrible cigarette breath. I’m done ignoring that little voice in my head that says “this is bad for you”, “you should stop” and “ummm…why are you smoking, again?” I’m not even, like, a smoker-smoker. I’ve had enough with the puff and I want others to join me!

I commit to myself, and my friends that I’m not going to smoke anymore, because I know that any smoking is smoking, and I know that sh*t is addictive. And that even if I bum the occasional cigarette, it doesn’t take much to get hooked. I want to help spread the word about the dangers of bumming smokes by supporting the creation of some killer street art that educates my friends and neighbors.

I’ll also show my support by sharing this or the #DontBeABummer hashtag with my peeps. Enough is enough. Enough with the puff!

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